Friday, March 16, 2012

3/16/12: BEER PONG: Where Getting Drunk is the Aim of the Game

The following is from the Drug Free Action Alliance:
What is beer pong? It’s a game where one person (or team) tries to bounce a ping-pong ball into a beer-filled plastic cup in order to make their opponent have to drink it. It seems it would not take much skill or athleticism to accomplish this task, yet there exist various local and national beer pong “sporting” leagues as well as a World Series of Beer Pong. Then there are the many “sporting” accessories, like beer pong tournament tables, balls and even themed clothing, that can be easily acquired online or in local retail stores. Now you can add a beer to that growing list of branded products, specific to this highly popular, definitely dangerous, drinking game.
According to marketing and sales guru Neal Frank, beer pong has become a $300 million dollar business industry and is increasing. It is also the reason behind his recent creation: Pong Beer. His low-priced beer comes with an attention-getting gimmick called the Rack Pack, which includes 30 cans of beer and two pong game balls.
On the company’s official website, Pong Beer claims to be an active leader in promoting alcohol responsibility, referencing initiatives that include identifying programs that encourage the prevention of drunk driving, the importance of addressing and educating consumers on dangers of binge drinking, as well as the company’s Zero Tolerance Policy on underage drinking. Against underage drinking and binge drinking?
Just google “beer pong” and let the pictures and stories speak for themselves. You won’t see or hear from too many adults, nor are you likely to witness so-called “responsible drinking.” As one internet user put it, as he was providing his how-to guide to playing beer pong: “Just remember, it's all about having fun and getting drunk.”
Pong Beer is currently available in 15 states, including New York, and the distribution list continues to grow.

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