Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ulster Prevention Council Weekly Blog 5-21-13: Letter from D.A. D. Holley Carnwright

This week I'd like to share with you this letter from Ulster County District Attorney D. Holley Carnwright regarding prom and graduation safety and the Ulster County Social Host Law.                                      
                                                    BE SMART BE SAFE
April 16, 2013
 It is that time of year when students in our county will be taking part in proms and graduations.  Although it is justifiably a time of joy and celebration, it is equally one for caution and restraint.  I am writing to enlist your assistance in helping to prevent the potentially tragic consequences of drinking and driving.
Alcohol is by far the most widely used drug among our youth and is directly associated with risk-taking behavior and other disinhibiting effects that increase the chance of unsafe conduct on their part.  Unfortunately, in recent years, our county has experienced its tragic results.
On February 19, 2008, in an effort to combat drunk driving Ulster County passed “Local Law Number 2 of 2008,” *which, in pertinent part, provides that “no person having any control of any premises shall allow an open house party to take place at said residence if such person knows or has reason to know that any alcoholic beverage or drug is being unlawfully possessed, served to or consumed by a minor (under 21) at said residence.”  It defines “open house party” as “a social gathering at a residence or other private property with minors present.”
In addition, the Social Host Liability Act of the State of New York imposes civil liability upon any individual who knowingly serves or permits alcohol to be served to a minor if that minor causes injury to another as a result of his or her intoxication.
Furthermore, Section 260.20 of the Penal Law of the State of New York authorizes the prosecution of any individual who gives or sells or causes to be given or sold any alcoholic beverage to a person less than 21 years old.
I ask that if you permit the use of your home for a prom pr graduation event, you monitor the situation carefully to insure that minors in attendance do not imbibe alcoholic beverages.
Please help to make this graduation season a time of celebration.  Help keep our children, our loved ones, and our county safe.
D. Holley Carnright
District Attorney

Cheryl DePaolo
Director of Ulster Prevention Council

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ulster Prevention Council Weekly Blog 5/13/13: Upcoming Events

It's a busy time of year, and I thought I'd share with you about some upcoming meetings and events.
This Wednesday, the Ellenville Wawarsing Prevention Coalition meets at the Ellenville Middle School at 8:30 AM. This group is working at a fast pace to address the needs of local youth and families.
On Thursday, the Prescription Drug Task Force of Ulster County will meet at the Ulster County Department of Mental Health at 10:30. This is a time change, and we'll also be in a different room - Room 138. New attendees are always welcome as it will take every sector of the community working together to decrease prescription drug misuse.
On Friday, the Ulster County Prevention Providers meeting will take place at the New Paltz Village Hall at 9:30 AM. Phoenix Kawamoto will provide an overview of Community Partnership activities in New Paltz, Jessie Moore will discuss teen pregnancy prevention issues, and a Media Literacy Training will be provided by the Prevention Resource Center. Breakfast will be served.
Last but definitely not least, please save the date for the annual UPC Conference: Emerging Issues, Community Solutions to be held on Wednesday May 29 at SUNY Ulster. We will dig deep into the 2012 Ulster County Youth Development Survey data, learn about addressing the prescription drug epidemic, and showcase youth media projects from throughout the county.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

UPC Weekly Blog 5-3-13:Stop Urban Outfitters From Selling Products that Promote Prescription Drug Abuse

From: The Partnership at Drugfree.org
By Candice Besson | May 1, 2013

Urban Outfitters, the national retail store popular with teens, is currently selling pint glasses, flasks and shot glasses made to look like prescription pill bottles. These products make light of prescription drug misuse and abuse, a dangerous behavior that is responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than heroin and cocaine combined.

Medicine abuse has increased 33 percent over the past five years with one in four teens having misused or abused a prescription drug in their lifetime. Combined with alcohol, the misuse and abuse of prescription medications can be especially dangerous, making the Urban Outfitter Rx pint and shot glasses and flasks even more disturbing.

As recent research from The Partnership at Drugfree.org shows, teens and parents alike do not understand the health risks associated with the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs. In fact, more than a quarter of teens mistakenly believe that misusing and abusing prescription drugs is safer than using street drugs.
Tongue-in-cheek products that normalize and promote prescription drug abuse only serve to reinforce the misperception about the dangers associated with abusing medicine and put more teens at risk.

Ask Urban Outfitters to remove these products from their stores and website immediately. Feel free to use the information above to help make your point.
Send an e-mail to:
Richard A. Hayne; CEO & Chairman

Write a letter:
Urban Outfitters, Inc.
5000 South Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19112-1495
Sign this Facebook Causes petition:
Join us and make your voice heard!

Cheryl DePaolo
Director of Ulster Prevention Council