Monday, March 18, 2013

Ulster Prevention Council Weekly Blog 3-18-13: Study Finds Prior Marijuana Use Increases Addictive Power of Nicotine

Study Finds Prior Marijuana Use Increases Addictive Power of Nicotine:

Exposure to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, can increase the addictive properties of nicotine, according to a study in rats published online this week in Neuropsychopharmacology.
The study suggests that previous marijuana use may potentially increase the risk of nicotine dependence and tobacco-related diseases.
There has been a reduction in the prevalence of cigarette smoking in the United States, but it is still a leading cause of preventable death. Although tobacco is often considered a “gateway” to other drugs, there is now evidence to show that the reverse can be true — the use of other drugs can lead to nicotine dependence.
Steven Goldberg and colleagues tested whether exposing rats to THC would increase the likelihood that they would self-administer nicotine. For three days, one group was given twice-daily injections of THC and a control group received an equivalent injection of an inactive placebo. Starting one week after the final THC or placebo injection, the rats were trained to work for intravenous injections of nicotine. Rats that were previously exposed to THC were far more likely than control rats to self-administer nicotine, the researchers found. In addition, the THC-exposed rats worked much harder to obtain nicotine than the control group, suggesting that the value of nicotine was far greater after THC exposure.
Although there are many factors that may contribute to a progression from marijuana use to tobacco dependence, the research suggests that lasting effects of THC may make marijuana users more susceptible to the addictive effects of tobacco. 

Cheryl DePaolo
Director of the Ulster Prevention Council

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ulster Prevention Council Weekly Blog 3-12-13: Announcing Our Youth Media Contest!

The Ulster Prevention Council is pleased to announce our Spring 2013 Youth Media Contest:
Open to all Ulster County Students 
• Posters
• Radio
• Video Projects 
Help us get these important messages out to Ulster County communities:
·         The dangerous health risks associated with the misuse of prescription medications
·         Alternatives to drug use: getting involved in social & recreational activities in your community
·         Awareness of the harmful effects of marijuana on youth brain development & I.Q.
·         Be Aware, Don’t Share prescription drugs and Lock Your Meds to keep kids safe
• Best Video Message- $250 Gift Card
• Best Radio Message- $150 Gift Card
• Best Poster- $75 Gift Card

Winners to be selected on MAY 10th

Contact: Lori @ Ulster Prevention Council

The Youth Media Contest is held in honor of Phil Terpening, former chairman of our board and outstanding citizen, legislator, and friend. We have created the Innovations in Substance Abuse Prevention Awards to honor his memory.

Student Application

Name _______________________________________________   Grade:__________


Name _________________________________________________Grade:__________

Name _________________________________________________Grade:__________
Name _________________________________________________Grade:__________

Name _________________________________________________Grade:__________

Name _________________________________________________Grade:   ________             

School ________________________________________________________________

Category        Poster          Radio PSA         Video PSA

Project Title __________________________________________________________

Return to: 
Ulster Prevention Council
85 Grand Street
Kingston, NY 12401
Attn:  Contest !

Or email:



Monday, March 4, 2013

Ulster Prevention Council Weekly Blog 3-4-13: Ask Your Doctor

ASK YOUR DOCTOR – The Institute for Family Health’s new TV series on Ellenville Public Access Channel 20
The first in a series of health-focused TV shows aired on Thursday, Feb. 28th, with Institute Physicians Dr. Maya Hambright, Medical Director at Ellenville Family Health Center and Dr. Ray Harvey, Medical Director at Kingston Hospital and Controlled Substance Director for IFH, along with resident physician Amy Soussan, MD. 
The focus of this show was on Prescription Drug use and misuse, which has become a health crisis/epidemic facing our nation, and specifically, our communities.  Students from the Ellenville Radio/TV production class developed questions on the topic and conducted the interview with the doctors.  Questions included:  How did the prescribing of medications become a health crisis?  What are the dangers of sharing pills prescribed for you with someone else?  What should people do if they have prescriptions at home that they no longer use or need?  What prescriptions are most addictive?  How do you know if someone is drug-seeking? What is being done by the medical community to address this issue? 
DVDs of the “Ask Your Doctor” series, along with other shows from the Spotlight on Wawarsing series (which highlights a different human service program or agency each week), will be available for those interested in showing them in waiting room areas and at community events.  Contact Lori at UPC 458-7406 ext. 231.

Cheryl DePaolo
Director of Ulster Prevention Council