Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPP Conversation with Jose Sanchez

Jack Bennett recently interviewed Jose Sanchez, the Assistant Superintendent for Education in the Wallkill Central School District. They talked about many things, but started with the controversy that often whirls around the student surveys conducted throughout the country every other year.

“People need to understand that the information is not just to satisfy curiosity seekers or even for purely scientific purposes, but to drive change. It is imperative that those involved: parents, teachers, community groups, professionals- everybody that cares, think the issue through by examining all aspects of it. That’s the only way we can change things”. He went on to say “Sure, it’s political. The superintendents have to think that way- it’s a part of their job’. The zone process (a method to separate survey results by breaking up the County into four distinct quadrants) avoids problems that occur when localities compete with each other for the lowest drug use patterns. “What it comes down to as educators is staying focused on our role, especially when working with other agencies. That we’re “not” the police, not the department of social services…each must stay within their area of expertise. When each entity knows their role they can pitch in to help based on that.”

To read more of the interview, follow this link to our website.
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